Friday, 31 May 2013

Bogs and Dolan

One thing I never understood is references. We tell and write references all the time, and expect people recognizing them and also giving us credit for that. Silly thing. I do that all the time. Nobody gets it. Like the man on the moon.

Our office challenge is going pretty great. I have a favorite puzzle I found a year ago. It's one of those "mathematical" examples where it's nothing to do with mathematics. Researchers found that people having IQ are actually perform worse in several of those tasks. The puzzle is on the scrum board the 3rd week in a row. Nobody has a clue.

Recently we had a stupid issue on one of our project. There was a simple task to do, however was blocked by server issues. Nothing big, just a flip of a switch. The guy handling the server didn't reply me for weeks. Then he was slow. Days to get a new message on chat. During that time we've got the question several times - why don't we do it some other ways? Which in general takes much longer time. I never understand this. Why people don't talk to you sometimes? Why they ignore you? Especially if it's their interest to help. It is - one or another way - their project. Oh, brother.

I also realized I have an internet personality. I'm one of those dogs online. It's a different medium. Just like I talk differently in a pub or in a termal bath. I hate it. The online myself is much funnier that the human thingy. Hate it.

There was one tiny victory I've got for today. I have a personal private fight with the imageeditor module. I don't like it. And this thing is not working. Since it requires a public domain you cannot test it  locally. Nothing else left than firing up XDebug on the server and connecting to it through Vim. It sounds cool, until you realize the port is used. All right, you can set the XDebug server and the Vim client to 9001, for a change, and restart. It's still blocked. Netstat indeed tells me it's used. Even when Apache is not running. Thanks God, netstat also knows what is using the port, php-fpm. Aha. Fastcgi. Killed it, XDebug now works. We can die now. Haha, if only imageeditor module would work that way.



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