Sunday, 26 May 2013

Who knows

Future girl

It was one of those days where you got so many new things your head is spinning around like steam engine.

Apart from the amazing day, I was working on the game again. No need to mention I'm cleaning the doorstep, or maybe just cleaning the cleaning set. Far over being ridiculous. But it came to my attention that director has some problems handling post data. In some versions it's working, sometimes not. I decided not to use it, there is no point using is when it's not reliable.

I started to implement it all custom. Delegating some functionalities to different files. There is a slow speed up which I'm happy about. I see some future organization in it. What is even better is that started not to worry about the final structure. I was always investing a lot of thoughts how to built it up. Now I'm more on the 'do what you have to, and change when you have to' model.

In general I'm really disappointed that lately a lot of technology product became a matter of laugh. It's not again making fun of something, I like to make jokes about pretty fat boys. It's those ones that try to alienate the project from people by using nonsense points. The more I think about social mechanics the more common I find with evolution and low level organisms. Which makes me question if can change anything other than putting makup on it.



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