Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear diary, still no kisses

I remember my father found my teenager wishlist when I was 16. He teased my for a while after that. First rule, never leave your wishlist on the cupboard. Especially if it's about kissing ladies and whatnot.

So yeah, none of those wishes involved MongoDB and Apple. No idea why I ended up doing this instead of kissing ladies. Tomorrow I have a whole hour in the morning listening to kissing stories, woot.

I've finally finished the management book. Still trying to parse it, emerge all the rules and checklists about being a master and ruling, controlling people. Politics will never be my favor. An awful thing of being analytical is when you start to analyze the author. What did he think at that point. Why is so many repetition. Did he really believe in that or it's just nicely filling the space between thoughts. Awful thing to do. But nevertheless it's a great addition to people skills, no doubt about that.

As an extra, I bumped into a hungarian guy, again this week. Not sure if it's my open attention or we're proliferating here. I have a business to do at the embassy this week, and I already feel I haven't even left the country.

Apart from the book I had a nice time to follow the project. Now I managed to stabilize the database connector. It needed some cache in order not to reopen the connection again and again. At the same time the asynchron model starts to annoy me. I'd do the same, don't get me wrong. It's all supereffective. However needs a bunch of new coding patterns. The thing is, your head is thinking in functions. If you need to get an object, you call getObject(). But actually get object is async. And the return function is also async. The problem with that is it's hardly reusable and makes no sense reading it. I may change my mind when I find more reusable patterns.

Also two warnings I've realized. One is security, namely data exposure. At the moment when Facebook finished the authentication I fire a query agains node-mongo to reveal the app-data. It's very lame, you send the FB object, you query for existing user, and send it back to the client. Now you can obviously craft a fake object with a fake FB id and get the user's data. I need to figure our how to be sure if it's really the right query and I can expose the data.

Second warning is redundancy. I handle objects on the server and on the client. Data is fine, but the handlers are something that is not shared at the moment. Somehow node and backbone should be standardized, I don't know how, yet.



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