Monday, 13 May 2013


It's amazing how chemistry works. It's the time of the annual tax admission. Funny, only one time a year, usually half an hour. And I swear I have a low temper. And the only reason is to collect all my hatred and agression to that half an hour I'm filling out the tax papers.

It's extremely simple, this year I was shocked it's only 3 textfields. I had absolutely no idea what are they representing, but it's three. It's slightly more than the amount of world wars our civilization has suffered. Let me highlight some brilliant moments of me using the Java application.

I needs a web installer - and especially Firefox, no other browsers work. The form has a validation mechanism, which block you each time when you're about to fix a validation problem. The form force you to enter your foreign address but doesn't support the international address formats. It says you have to copy 3 fields from a different field, which - allegedly - may or may not exist. Then the website says (after registering in a real life office) that I should register myself.

And then 1 click and it's over. They should just simply die. Lord.

So back to JavaScript land. Thanks to or dear tax authorities I had a little time to think about the game. I decided to keep backbone and add Yeoman and its friends as a framework thingie. I still need to figure out if the structure fits the projects, but it's very likely it is.

I had a little chat with the chaps at work and I realized social and the open quest feature should be a huge part of the game. They gave me really good ideas. How to make office management quests, software quality assurance quests, etc. I'm actually really excited to start developing it.

Another cool trick what I've learned today is this: !function(){}();. As far as I know it prevents allocating memory for the anon function's name. Nice one for bit savers.



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