Saturday, 4 May 2013

Entitycache, you unbelievable

I was on my battle to find a calm coffee bar in the city center - just one indicator how naiv I am. Managed to read almost all the weekly articles.

One thing I've realized is I care less about data in articles. What I'm looking for is patterns and behavior.  The numbers I can lookup them later anyways.

There was this article about how positive attitude can blindfold us. I have to agree at some extent. Well, I've been the cautious guy for a long time. What I noticed is that the overkill positive mind will not warn us when something dark is coming. And then once we're in it we all act as something super unexpected. Compare to listening to the instincts and make some preliminary actions.

Then the other article was about how to be responsible. The lady who extracted the details was right about everything. I liked especially the part where she explains that responsible developers don't do quick fixes. They always look for the root of the problem. Even if the pm stressing them with time and deadlines. I like quality oriented people, they rule.

I took a lazy day today. Tried to watch the Last Airbender - first time, but it's not for me. I'm still not sure what should be the next anime on my list. Something that doesn't have an overly dramatic jerk enemy. Being an enemy is stressful so I like them to be sad and desperate.

I was also reading some new references about the C64 sid chip. Probably now I have an idea how to do the track. So right now I can make a lot of type of noises. It's relatively simple. But how to add multiple channels? Well, that is - I think - called voices. There are 3 so called voice is available for us, all having the same 7 registers. They can be activated simultaneously. Also I've found some references to a music track editor - so it made me more sure that coding notes wasn't the way people developed tracks in the old days. On Soundcloud I've found a new version of the epik track: Commando. Brilliant piece.

For some reason I started hating JavaScript libraries. They all behave different, every month there is an article how we have to change the way we develop the same library we used to use the previous month. And it's just a horrible investment. PHP is stable and growing. JS is growing like hell, however dies too fast and makes the knowledge hardly reusable.

Also I was playing with entitycache again. I cannot rest until I see it making things better. This time I created more than 400 fields on several content types. Then created lots of nodes. Made a view page listing many of those fields. Did some measurement with XHProf with and without entitycache enabled. And yet again all pages (node add, view, node view, admin) were faster without entitycache, they consumed less memory and ran less functions. Srsly entitycache, how do you work?



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