Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blueberry pancake

Today I finally upgraded my scotch pancake compilation method. Take a pancake, spread plenty of peanut butter on the top, carefully push blueberry pieces everywhere and cover with another pancake. I call it the love sandwich, because I love it.

Today I had brilliant conversations. I couldn't even do any useful apart from talk, just eating, drinking and talking. All right it was more listening, I'm not allowed to talk with people anyway.

One thing we've discussed today is bitcoin. I'm really interested in bitcoin, however the current situation is just so shaky I'd consider not doing it even for less. There are lots of questions in people's head, and the more I hear the more confused I get. And I'm sure I'm missing the same essential points again and again. But it seems to contradict all the basic theories that it's based on. What would make sure it stays stable? Isn't it against the evolution of human society?

Apart from bitcoin I started to re-evaluate how facebook works and what it makes with people's mind. I have a theory that there is a new self-promotioning fake-scientist ego. That only comes alive on Facebook and tries to share or like articles you would never do otherwise. So it's not just eternal happiness and success - it's now smartypants-ness too.

Also made a decision and I go for the crossdomain model on the game. The actual implementation is simple, just adding the access headers to the query when sending back a response from NodeJS. Still ridiculous how baby I feel doing this.



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