Thursday, 23 May 2013

Monthly contribution

We had our monthly contribution night. Nice little gathering, new and old attendees. Great discussions and finally managet to contribute my dev module back to the community.

So - if you ever find yourself hammering Solr by using apachesolr module, and using views through apachesolr_views - and then still want to add vbo to the stack - now you can do it with ApacheSolr VBO: When you enabled the module it defines a magical connector from the solr document to the referenced entity. It's far from great. It expects having some things, such as the default index format (having the entity id defined in the entity_id key) and only one type of entity to be indexed (which can be set on the vbo form). But it does the job. Feedback and help would be really appreciated.

Also found a very sneaky fellow today - the dark secret of late features. What is it? When you create (enable) features in an update hook you may not see any result at the point of the enabling call. I had no idea why, but kinda accepted it, and handled these situations by calling a feature component revert. Why? You may want to use a taxonomy, or a field that you store in the feature. And it's stupid because it was almost obvious. How the glob it can be delayed? I guessed Drupal stores it in the session, or spiritually. But today I realized it's the Drupal queue. And indeed the queue was full with tasks to delegate for later. Calling cron does the job, not from the update hook, though. Not sure how to handle this situation. I understand the concerns of performance and not killing the site, however it would feel bad to separate the usage of the feature just because the queue cannot let the action go.

With the JS game I think I've fallen into a dark question-pit. Now I have to decide how to handle the files - what should serve the static files and server scripts so it's not violating the cross domain policy. How to bootstrap the app and not globalize the main controller. How to authenticate the user and how to make sure people cannot forge requests in order to gather other's data. Loads of fun. I feel like the first day in the nursery school. Wet, scared and full of tears.



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