Monday, 20 May 2013

Lies and manipulation

The deeper I get the darker it becomes. Management you evil bastard. I'm reading the last part, politics. There is no hope left for us. We're are just a drop in the desert. Puppets. I'm not even sure if I go to work tomorrow - if it's gonna be me, or just the "reality" managers make me to do.

At the last minute I managed to subscribe to tomorrow's mongodb meetup. It should be cool. At work I've met a guy who apparently knows my alter ego. It's like the hedron collider. Odd.

I was on research today. Needed to check out a relatively large Java library. And of course, the million dollar question - can it be integrated with Drupal? Oh hell yeah. Frankly there should be a challenge about Drupal integration. Wondering how much time we have to wait till human runs on Drupal. And then I've got this argument that one of the service is not integrated with it. I mean a service, on the internet. Hah, silly talk. Everything is integrated.

And there was a funny thing also. In the third party Java library reference they mentioned that extending the library would take 3-4 weeks. It's just hilarious. At least I had some fun with Ant, some applets and some really ugly file. Oh, and the final thing. So I was asked if Java applet is a secure thing. You know Java. In the browser. Oh baby Jesus.

Sorry not telling the story about the dragon but it's awkwardly late.



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