Thursday, 9 May 2013

Poker night

In the office we held a poker night and was fun. More than I thought. I had a pretty weak start, but then I started bluffing and risking and ended up the mighty second. And I didn't lose money. This time, at least.

It was one of those crazy deployment days when everything was a little bit of a wtg (what the glob). Servers seemed mixed up, features seemed to be missing, dead ghost configurations are hunting again - and of course the "can we just add this quick fix, please". At the end it was all fine, fortunately.

I've received the iPad sleeve I ordered on Monday and it's not too bad. I needed something to cover the device when I carry on the street and I used a bag, the one type that is used to wrap booze bottle in the US. And it only cost 1.99 GBP. That's one of the reasons I like UK and Ebay. Free delivery, cheap prices and variety of products.

When I came home I had a chat with Guillermo, he is one of my host and the developer behind the Socialance website. I was absolutely astonished by the tour he was giving me. It's such a nice site and actually the functionality is superior. There are so many little things that enhance the user experience and makes the site rich and comfortable to use. I don't think I should tell any more, I'm just looking forward to their lunch and see how it goes.

As a surprise I've got many feedbacks that folks like this kind of diary format better than the old one. Well, I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but I like the fact that people have nice time here. Weekend is coming, probably I can provide some fresh opinions about some old obsoleted technologies :) As always.

Oh yeah, one thing I've almost forgot. I wanted to use exposed filters for a Solr date field. And I've fallen into my over-smartypants world. My well crafted Solr-compatible date input didn't work. It gave my some weird gibberish. Then I used all possible formats I could, nothing. Well, I was checking - as a nice developer - the refs of Solr. As it states for example for an interval: key:[from_date TO to_date]. I've spent quite some time debugging where Views is changing my perfect data. And then I've found the filter parser instance in apachesolr_view. Turned out it does the job for me, I don't have to make it Solr compatible. Lesson learned: smart(smart()) !== stupid.



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