Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Meetings, with 3 'e'-s in the middle

I'm not an anarchist, I've learned that when I didn't kick trash bins as a teenager. Also I don't rebell against meetings, it's how Lord wants us to spend quality time with fellow workers. But still, half a day long meetings are strange.

It's time for planning and retrospective. You need to go through the next sprint and see what you can achieve, add some details and generally prepare everything. Half a day enough to feel a lot of things. And at the end of day I even forget how I got there the first time. I remember my favorite meeting was at a very prestigious (gov + int) office in Bruxelles. I fall asleep and a lady was kicking me under the table. Then my second most embarrassing meeting was in Zurich (I'm really sorry, it was midnight flight) when I had my first talk with my new teamlead and fall asleep, again. We were only two of us.

In the middle of the crisis there is not much to do. You can pinch yourself, write with your weaker hand or talk. I'm actually really interested what to do against sleeping on a meeting.

I was reading the Backbone chapter and was planning the big scope architecture. It made me realize how much I need a whiteboard. Anyways. So as mentioned not long ago I was planning to use Bower, Grunt and Yeoman.  However I just didn't find the app generation method a good practice with grunt. First it seems you should create your code in the brewery (don't know how else I should call the base area) and generate the result (dist) each time you need it. I can use watchers for pretty much anything, coffee, sass, minifier, etc. Actually only the real compilers that I need. Minifiers can be used at deployment. And the grunt process takes 4-6 seconds, that's outrageous.

So maybe it's time to put it on a clean base. Maybe only bower. Maybe. Else - I've just seen that there is a gaming company organizing an event to figure out the new social way of gaming. Which has a lot to do with this project. But it was a free-for-members thingie and I had the impression it's more of a closed circle.

Tomorrow is HackerNew meetup, really excited to go.



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