Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Eternal darkness

Some days I feel our Sun is a heisenberg-bug. So easy to be dark. I guess this conversations describes the week:
- Do you want to go out? In the rain?
- Yes. We never go out otherwise.
If you don't feel the deepness, there is something wrong you.

I had a semi-serious fight with a server today. Sneaky bouncing emails, user account and ssh access. I almost forget the joy of doing thing I have no idea about. When I met Linux and all the suffer - oh those glorious days. I didn't believe in the internet those days. I tried to get the biggest distribution possible in order to have all the packages. Not long ago I had to recycle almost a hundred of disks. Some probably I've never tried.

As a bonus, I took some time with the RaspberryPI after work. The baby-goal is to have a monitor machine. Logs, stats, whatever. Low cost monitoring of servers and websites. I updated Raspbian and looked for a proper desktop system. I know, I'm weak, shut up. Was wondering on Mate, when realized it already has one. Started X and happily confirmed it's all working fine. I'm not an animal, I don't want to run tail -f if I don't have to. I need to search for something that can properly colorize syslog.

Not sure if it's a bug, but found something interesting around the field api. When you set a field instance to unlimited-value and also set a default value, it offers you 2 items on the edit page. One with the default value, one is empty. On the backend it fills out the values using the item array looped through by a delta. And no, there is no extra element which would tell the default value. Strange.

And finally I had a short time with the graph thingie. Now I can create nodes, delete them - and the db will add and remove graph nodes accordingly. Also added support for Entityreference module. Whenever the created entity has a reference field with a value, it looks up the item in the neo4j db and adds it as a relationship. So far so good. Unfortunately it's node based, at this point. Which is quite stupid, I can make it general by adding the bundle type as a property. Thanks me. Also want to make field handling extrasuper general, if possible.
I have absolutely no idea how to make a friendly accessor interface. The backend will work fine. You can query anything from code. However would be nice to have an editor, like Views, just thousand times simpler, like I am.

Tomorrow is about Japan.



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