Sunday, 5 May 2013

One of these lazy days

Usually lazy days should be good, but today I felt too much distracted so I ended up doing a lot of little things.

As a great news, I managed to win a dozen of new tracks in Need For Speed. I turned out that's the only activity that makes me passionately swear and wish bad things to cops. So funny that there is almost no competitor racer game on the iOS AppStore. Real Racing killed the game with the third version. Too much noise, the payment model.

I was watching a video about the new kid, namely functional reactive programming. I had the impression you need a special language for that. However the introduction was made with Ruby. To be frank, I'm still not entirely sure how it works. All it seems is a way to reduce the number of error sources, and make the input better organized towards the result. In the world of states (variables) it's easy to see how to change the world. However you do a lot of sanitization, checks and validation. Which smells. I might take a look at it later. It's a really interesting concept.

What else ... oh yeah. I started watching Darker Than Black, the series. It looks good, and these days I'm more familiar with the lonely hunter figure than high school kung-fu or drama queens.

I've checked out the intro video about TraceJS and impressed by all the capabilities. That's why I got sad when I spotted it's not for free. Zooming is an interesting concept in the editor. If you've ever tried the Chrome profiler you know how it feels like. A bit clunky for me.

And no idea how but there is no day without Drupal. So I was thinking if there is a way to write a field that acts as a container of other existing fields. Not field group and not field collection. It's technically one field, where the widget is a collection of existing field. In theory it sounds simpler than in code. I started the module and got blocked on the widget definition where I have to proxy the subsets of the arguments to the responsible handlers. Maybe the Monday brain will solve it. God bless bank holidays.



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