Friday, 3 May 2013

Relationships and data

Today when we arrived to the majestic beer o'clock I started reading the documentation of Neo4J. Have you heard about it?

So it's a graph database heavily integrating graph operations into its engine. Practically it's a schema-less relationship database. So it's having a document based storage model, where you store your objects. Then you have the relationship as a first class citizen. A relationship has a direction and a name, so we can call them a triplet. So far it's nothing extraordinary - the engine that makes it quite good. It has a special query lange that supports working with document connections. If you check out the link you will find a nice example of the queries. It can lookup related items recursively which makes it effective compare to simple join-based query languages.

In the fever I quickly checked if there is a Neo4J DB engine module for module, but rule 34 kinda failed, the sandbox module contains 1 line, the name in the info file. Pity. I've downloaded and ran the server. The web gui is nice seems easy to play with. I'll think about a good toy-project idea on the weekend.

Sadly enough I didn't do any Basic today, not yet, to be precise. I've found a guy on Reddit who made a C64 game, in 48 hrs. Insane.

I started listening to Smart Drug Smarts podcast, my hairy buddy suggested to listen to it. And to my surprise today's guest was Sebastian Marshall, who turned to be a huge quantified self guy. I'm still really creeped out the way these nootropics fans are taking these medications. However on the scientific side I admit it's not witch-crafting. I just like to keep everything on the minimal optimum as it - statistically - makes less extra effort by keeping the complexity low. That's one of the reason I don't take any food supplements. I'm hundred percent sure it works, but I'm also quite sure it takes more time than I want to spend on it.

Not long ago I managed to read through the essential chapters of the Pro Git book. And miracle happened, I'm one step closer to understand what Git is. I really suggest everybody to read it if you still not sure about Git.

All right, time to C64.



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