Saturday, 11 May 2013

I need a new project

I guess I need a new project. It was quite a long time ago I'd been working on something big. However it has to make sense. And has to be challenging.

It's like a 2 year loyalty contract and I hate it. My attention goes to something else not after couple months but in 5 minutes. I guess I just have too many things in my head right now.

I checked out Mad Men today, the first thing was obviously the style I noticed. And the very next is that I'm so lucky I live these days (and not back in time).

Today mostly I was finishing the base refactoring of the StatDiary code. It works fine, looks fine. I can take it easy now and wrap up and do a new release. I was wondering to make an experimental UI for mobile and tablet screens. So Android people can access it. Or maybe I should just fix the responsive theme.

I need to sleep now.




  1. Hi Peter!
    Let me know if you want to work on a project including Raspberry PI or something similar. We could work together on a project like that!

    Cheers, Alex

  2. Hi Alex,
    That would be great. I've found this connector: Was wondering how good it is. But anyways yeah let's figure out something. Can you contact me in email, please? I've tried to contact you but google+ hides email addresses.

    1. Oh yeah, my gmail is: it {dot} arato (and the rest is


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