Thursday, 2 May 2013

Shifting to diary

Slowly aiming to the black hole. Nowadays even figuring out the title makes me sick. I decided to do more of a diary format instead of real blog posts. At one hand the content I provide is just poor and I'm not willing to lose time by writing. Also theoretical topics are not suitable for a blog. Without a human conversation it's just showing my nipples to the public and hoping some may like it.

The time I waste with writing deeply depress me. However it still has benefits. All righty, enough of feeling blue. Let's tech.

I committed another superlame thing today, again. I created a Display Suite field with the API and I couldn't see it on the field list of the content type. I've checked and debugged the whole module - it seemed nothing is working there. When I spotted that my content type does not use a DS display I almost got a heart attack.

I've just got the permission that I can contribute the Apache Solr Views + VBO integration module. I'm quite happy about that, I'll try to make a sandbox for it tomorrow.

Just wondering if I should change the profile of the blog. So it's obviously not a tutorial blog but a diary. Expectation management for the win.

So I was looking at the Commodore 64 D64 disk image format. It seems hard but for me to parse it it's ever harder. It requires extra knowledge of flags and markers which I need to collect. I started to write a converter in Python when I realized it was Sublime presenting the hexadecimal format, and in fact a simple cat (unix cat) can tell me the encoded chars. From that I confirmed that it is indeed stored in char type values, 0-255, strings and special tokens. What I wanted to do is to write an extension to the D64 file format where you can use it as a native OS-X folder project and edit the files as plain/text - and then just exporting it back to D64. At this point I'm not sure it worth the investment.

I had a very little time to continue reading the sound api in C64. I'm still not sure about how to merge the different tunes and what registers can be masked parallel in order to change the sound attributes. There will be bank holiday this weekend so I'll have plenty of time.



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