Saturday, 18 May 2013


I'm reading a book now, called How to Manage. First I thought it's gonna be a massive brainwash, but it seems such a nice read. Obviously I'll use the knowledge to take over the world and force the amish lifestyle on people. Such a nice world.

Managing is a tricky thing, there I said it. One of the reason I quit my teacher career is that I failed managing the second dumbest segment of human - kids. (First is Joomla developers, ofc.) It's based on a lot of experience, measurement and intuition. Well, it's hundreds of pages so I won't win your heart with these 3 words. However it's always good to point out management is a vast skill. You can use that to lead projects, handle clients, colleagues, friends, family, the annoying neighbor kid, and stress and many other things. It's a control system afterall. Not sure how many of you a developer and thought about the future role you would like to fulfill. I'm not a huge fan of becoming a manager. It's one of those things I take as a necessary pain. Like tax. It indeed makes your life better, but why? I know being a developer is a limited career. Maybe supercoders can extend their coder lifespan till 40-60, but I'm a humble little coder kitten. It's like those old farts on the field wearing suit telling those soccer players how to run and kick the ball thing. Maybe coders in general destined to fall. Horrible predictions. I'm already depressed. Damn book.

Else. I finally dropped out Yeoman, sorry. Although I'm still excited to be told how Yeoman can help developing a fast pace project. I created a simple empty project, added backbone, underscore, modernizer, jquery and bootstrap (still the second version, 3rd looks badass but still in dev). On the server side I'm planning to use Director from the Flatiron project. It seems a pretty nice router to NodeJS. I added Facebook authentication and now I need to set up the access to the profile and friend info. The login with FB part was too easy. I only needed to copy paste the code and it's working fine. The access granting code needs quite some browsing in the api reference. Maybe I just missed some critical part, I don't know.

If you want an awesome game, try Trauma Ted. I've been playing with it in the last month and it's brilliant. It's a puzzle game, with a cat. Do I need to say more? It's creative and fairly cute. The poor little kitten seems to suffer from some sever headache - which could be cured by a pill. So we need to help him get his medicine. I think - without any doubt - puzzle creators are one of the most awesome people on Earth. I only did it couple of times, with very simple puzzle games of mine. Usually you can create the basic ones with a graph or a backtrack algorithm. However that's not creative.



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