Thursday, 30 May 2013


I had a pretty Japanese day today. If folk - then it's Rhapsody - and if it's Rhapsody then it's dragons which can be found in Japan. (Not just in Italy.) Then we went to a Japanese movie to the Japanese embassy and than a sushi dinner in small Japanese restaurant. The movie was about the antarctic and cooking. Needless to say it requires some culture agnostic dinner.

And that's it. Didn't have time to do anything. Not even at daytime. Time to time I have to realize when I'm not coding it's like being drunk on a marathon.

Finally managed to "solve" the htpasswd problem in the test system. Sorry, hacked it only, it's not fixing anything. So again. You have a server with htpasswd. You know you can use the tokens in the URL. That is what happening exactly, however when you call in sequence: /user/logout and then / it asks for the credentials again. Yeah you might think of cookies - but I don't think it has to do anything with it. It works everywhere else. So - the trick was to call something else first, other then /user/logout. And it did the job. Not tests are failing because the site is bad, and not the test. We're all happy.

The only sorry I feel is that I could tell you so many stories that are confidential. Or like sharing the secret photos. However I'm not keen to go into the blackmailing business.

Ah, crap.



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