Saturday, 1 June 2013

Take me to Mordor

I was smart enough to take an iPad and sit on the brightest place in the cafe, where the Sun shines the most. Also it was hot. And my walk speed is just too high to prevent me sweating. All I can do is hoping that future's nanotechnology has something that makes me less like an animal.

I've read this article about how language is affecting our imagination. We all know the general sensitivity towards things we express more. Like the typical color experiment in Africa. Or snow for Eskimos. I have the impression language is just an actor, or a tool. You earn your sensitivity during the process of communication. As all the things we say need thinking.

Also I had a little time in the morning to add the field support to the graph connector library. I finally added it to Github: I decided to put it there instead of because it's not a function project nor an api. It's just an example of how to use the driver. I was reading an article where it was explained how to be a proper maintainer - so since then I try to improve my care. It's indeed really nice to have a proper intro and some help on it. Anyways. So, the aforementioned readme contains some notes, what you need to download, what you have to do, bla bla. The code is quite dev but I like it. The class [Neo4JDrupal] is the heart of the system. Whenever something is happening in Drupal you call this. Now it's handling node add and node delete. I started to make it entity-able. It's not perfect, but close.

During node add the process checks attached field instances. Fields have different handlers, in order to handle values accurately. Everything is a connection, almost. Numbers, texts, references. Nodes and terms are stored also in an index - in order to find previous items - and being able to lookup.

Indexes are instant, you can create them on the fly. And also added a local task tab to the node pages in order to see some graph info.

Let me know what you think about it.



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