Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I'm not always going to MongoDB meetups. But when I go, I meet lot's of hungarians. First a guy working in the building, then an old Drupliot friend and another guy. I was almost surprised there are others from UK.

It was quite useful, the presentation about PredictionIO was inspiring. They use Hadoop and MongoDB together. With machine learning in general you have to go through several stages, and they managed to find a golden way to leverage both engines for the best purpose. They explained the stages of the process, the basic algorithms and the idea behind the service. I almost touched myself at some point, it was hardcore science.

Also managed to get some hands-on info about MongoDB. Some disadvantages and exotic behavior. For my use case I feel safe to stay with it, the quirkiness can be handled just fine and it still performs great. I was thinking a lot about the live sync feature, where you leave the auto syncing update your database. That I'm not really convinced yet, as I don't see a clear line between the stored and the used data. Maybe later when I have my own "schema".

The other exciting event of the day (apart from the daily gallery exchange with my fat buddy) that I convinced myself and everybody else using Adaptivetheme. We all know which one is the other one. And yeah I don't like that. So adaptivetheme is cool. I created a subtheme quickly with Drush. Set the necessary settings on the theme page. Updated my gems and fired up compass. And we had a new ready to use basic theme in 5 minutes. Lovely. I ran through the docs and got some hints how to switch the design to 'desktop first'. I was wondering how much it is smacss compatible - let me put it this way - it's not too bad.

In the last couple of days - whenever I have a breath-break - I'm trying to set up PHP-CI. It's composer based project using a little bit of everything, including Symfony. The docs says no worry I won't die - but I think I still will. It complains about missing files and classes all the time. Need to check it out what the heck is going on.

And it's after midnight and the bathroom is occupied, again.



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