Friday, 7 June 2013

Hm hm

Again a new Friday. If you've ever wondered what it feels like to experience time passing by quickly - I tell you. You realize that you're missing weekdays. Maybe the only time I wanted to skip time was at school. Meh.

I feel I need space and time. Light and darkness. And silence. Time to catchup with my thoughts. Super awkward when some parts of your life goes fast, some other slowly. You don't if you need to stop or run. It bends you like a proper tornado.

Don't really what to say today. It wasn't a particularly tech day. We were planning some stuff, which was nice, but obviously they are all secret cia related items. Time to time I have to realize I love proof of concepts. It's the first hour digging in your new Lego box.

Lately I started being a little maverick on the big project. A little only. Being more effective by not really following all the process guidelines. I had a quite interesting chat with a friend of mine about their process. They are huge, such as their projects. A little glitch costs obviously a lot more than for us at the moment. So actually I'm not sure I'd be like that when it's more critical. However it feels good. Things are getting done faster. More precisely. Less hassle, bla bla. I was thinking about to do the final deployment a bit better.

First I'd like to have a duble rotation system. You have a production environment with a replicated architecture. One of the replicates is in charge, that's the public replica. At the same the other is used for testing a release. As the final stage. When a release arrive to production, the master replica disallow writing to the db. Only read. That makes sure that the site is accessible during the final test. If the release was successful then the secondary block takes charge of serving the site and the old master becomes the new prod-test instance. I'm pretty sure you can do that with mysql.

Wish me luck :)



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