Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Classy day. So this bug I was about hunt down is around the last couple of days. Almost gave up many times, not because I wanted to, it's just the way project managers try to kill the last happy moment of your life. And then, out of a sudden there are accusations. All sorts of things you did. Like this one, that says: "maybe it's the new design". Yeah sure, a theme can break an external api service. I said it's ridiculous. You know. We all know that backend code is backend. But at the same time you're desperate and want to satisfy them. So you just change the theme to show them it's nothing to do with design. And then blackout. It fixed the issue. What? How? Oh Lord, not now. You change back and it's broken again.

So I went through all the customizations we have in the theme. And it was nothing. Not a single template function, no theme settings. Hardly any template files. Just to be sure I deleted everything. And it's still broken. So how is that possible that the same theme has different effect on a backend code? It turned out - it's the logo image. Our theme was using the logo. Default themes are not. And it's simply an image, nothing fancy. No hidden George Bush or salted rabbits. I have a feeling it's something to do with JS, so that one image is breaking the flow of the imageeditor module. The maintainer was really kind to help me in the issue queue and hopefully he can continue hunting the bug down. I love surprises, what can I say.

Then I'm falling again to management hell. More emails than work. Seriously it feels terrible when I'm not doing proper job neither at coding nor at managing.

Tomorrow it should be Backbone Marionette meetup. I really can use it now. Just took a peek on the game and it's in bad shape, no doubt about that. I'm getting more confident planning the architecture, it's just the implementation and the tiny details that are always missing. It's hard to get full benefits of a framework without learning the whole part - too easy to misuse it.



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