Monday, 3 June 2013

Eaten back to life

I really should have slept the whole weekend. It's Monday and I'm dead. I almost passed out after the wonderful english breakfast. Some joy just simply comes with consequences.

I'm at the moment on a dark level with trauma ted. Which is kinda disappointing. I have the feeling that not seeing anything in a puzzle game just makes an impossible challenge for me. I actually let all the ladies occupy the toilette while I was playing in the corridor.

I'm chasing a quite unique bug in the last couple of days. It really makes me think, theoretically. When you start solving a problem, you estimate it first. Accomodate your effort according to the resources and jump on it. And the most important - by the available resources you set up a strategy. I know I'm a graph-addict, but imagine a graph. You more or less map out the possible path from being broken to being fixed. And you do a simple heuristics to find that path. Imagine going to a different town on a map. You simple go by your instincts. It's a mixed strategy of the greedy and backtrack algorithm. You're greedy as much as possible, and when it fails you backtrack. Simples. However the more you step back you the less secure you feel about the strategy. You start behaving mental, irrational. Instead of the proper order you take random decisions. By doing so you leave a lot of unmapped subgraphs (worse if it's a tree where no way back). So probably you won't visit those branches again, ever. The worst if you do breadth-first order traversal. You pay for the context switch overhead and lose interest in life eventually.

I decided to work on the game project again. Although got a bit distracted I managed to improve the model and control structure. Thanks God FB is firing requests periodically so I have to limit my event listener not to follow this silly habit. Also got really disappointed that in Backbone you kinda use global object to collect the models, controllers. It's not too horrible, almost like realizing PHP has goto. Oh well, life is miserable anyways.



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