Sunday, 2 June 2013

Where's your mama gone?

I went to a cafe, and then seen all those people passing by. Let's put it this way, it was a weird day. I've seen tiny people, people with strange shaped head. They were trying to convince me to put cream on top. It was actually really kind. But nah. Not that type. Started reading a book. Couldn't take any attention. Then the JS agile dev book. No attention whatsoever. So I ended up in my fantasy world, with hipsters, cafes, romance and rock and roll. These worlds, I love. They have special things. Like grunge music. And then out of a sudden the radio plays the fat white boy's song. Jesus Christ.

Added some minor things to the graph project, index handling, a console where you can enter a Cypher query and some fixes. I realized I won't add the visualization plugin - at least now. It's too thin to be useful.

I tried to setup graylog in my dev env. Why does it have to be that complex? It was too many steps, involving elastic search (java), graylog (java), mongo (bin) - and I just gave up. I felt a bit insecure having a java server working on the server - but two. And mongo. I thought that's a joke. Maybe next time when I really need it.

The big question of the week for me is the hacker space. Am I a hacker, or not. I'd love to think of myself as one. I'm not sure that turning on and off electric things is really profession or a highend skill. Seen this presentation about a guy who was part of the proliferation of hacker spaces. It's magical. All workspaces should be like that. Offices are the past. The one-company closed environment is old. We have technology, people, passion, future, possibilities, singularity. And yet we waste our lives filling out Jira. Yuck.



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