Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tipping point

There are nights when you think, maybe this is the night. The one that changes your life. Without you knowing it. I never forget those nights at high school dreaming about a better tomorrow. Hah, and it's better indeed. Oh brain, go home.

So today was Backbone day. Actually I'm luck to remember now. I quickly left work, rushing to underground and then up till the slaughtered lamb. Entered the building and they kindly asked which meetup I'm attending at. And there I couldn't tell them. I had no idea where I was going to. I needed them to list them all and I selected one. It was Backbone with Marionette.  It was at the SkillsMatter office, which was quite interesting on its own already.

I've never used Marionette and quickly ran through the details before the meetup. It seems a nice framework over Backbone. On the presentation they explained the best parts and showed some code as well. I had the impression it's a nice modularizer. I need to checkout. I guess it was too new to me. And quite a lot of information. Kudos to Jean-Francois Moy who held the talk.

Another highlight was today is the installation of newrelic. It's an awesome server monitoring tool, showing stats about memory, load, time, drupal function (!) and such. One impressive fact is that I was able to install it for statdiary in less than 5 minutes. It needs a binary php extension (works though aptitude) and then restarting apache. That's all really.

And a last fun thing - we probably will have couple of days of task-less time. Which means we can do some housekeeping on the big project. It's always cool to shape things up and add some cool extra. I was wondering what could we do in those days, and managed to find some goodies. Writing tests. Refactoring code. Documentation. Performance analysis. Pimping up the server. Extra design fixes. These are all fun things to do and makes a difference on the project (and in your soul).



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