Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wasted day and Drupal 8

Today was totally useless. I woke up and realized I don't want to do anything. It's ever more sad because today is the global Drupal 8 sprint day. Being really awful at code sprints I decided just staring Drupal 8 a little.

There is a frightening feeling I have all the time I look at Drupal 8. I was looking for articles explaining the new parts but it's not easy to find. Actually I haven't found any backend related posts. There are about the initiatives but that's all. That gives you no other choice than look at the code.

I like to watch the source, Drupal source is nice and tidy. Probably that's why my OCD meter hit the ceiling when found some unnecessary spaces, weird variable names or deprecated functions. However it's still really high quality.

I was checking out the node module - the good old fellow. It seems node module can be turned off now, makes sense, it's just an entity implementation. I know a company who sells core modules for 20 USD / piece. They will love it.

I had a misbelief - I thought the schema api is implemented in yaml, but that's not the case. Schema and arrays are still with us. My bad.

I was happy to see node has it's own dedicated class. There are other classes bundled with modules that are really hard to give meaning.

Seeing the huge amount of comments are cool, but also in D8 - as far as I know - we use the annotations, which means we store configurations and definitions in comments. I'm a bit scared again.

Finally managed to crack myself through the DI layer and see some connections. For me it's acting like a mapper at the moment. You can find the places where they are registered and then you will find the real classes - so that's how you know what they can do, what functions they have, etc. Again, scared.

I've seen also many little tricks that I'm just too tired to list now. Also a funny thing, I have a hard time to update the repo properly. No matter what I do it breaks on each git-pull and I have to clean it. Which unfortunately deleted a core patch I was working on.

The basic module files were all right. They looked pretty much normal, just like in D7. Using some new API's and DI stuff, but nothing horrifying.

I'm wondering when will be my first D8 project. Should be fun.



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