Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Condoms and technology

I managed to subscribe to the iBehave meetup that is held in the Google Campus. One of the organizer suggested me to attend after I joined the quantified self meetup. On this event the main topic was how to marketing condoms with technology.

I was curious so I quickly headed to the venue after work. It's very a mixed company, doctors, developers, designers, managers - from low to high level, private or government - lots of people. It's interesting to see this group as it's keen to collaborate and learn how the other one could help them in their business.

So the topic is about condoms and the awareness of usage, accessibility, health implications - and most importantly the acceptance. So it's very serious problem with a simple but practically challenging solution. There was a presentation about the existing strategies and projects. Then there was a little workshop. Groups of 5 - 8 people sitting around a table had to work out strategies how to improve the current state. Very interesting - all tables had their small subproblem that makes the whole problem so complex. Like engagement, awareness, costs and accessibility.

Each team were given some time to brainstorm and come up with ideas. As was expected there was some pretty awesome but less sustainable thoughts. At the end we collected around 10 ideas and selected 3 to be the big ones. We've got some sheets to explain it properly and extract the model. When all team finished proposing their parts we had score the ones we personally like. At the end there was a few really popular ideas. It was really like a tiny app-evening.

As I thought there were many ideas involving mobile apps. I was wondering how could it be added to an existing application - no ads, no popups - seamlessly. Would be cool if users wouldn't have to get a new up just for a small functionality. Some ideas used social media, very cleverly. Or course porn and general advertisement was also included - and some real life actions as well.

Hm, wondering if this event was anyhow related to Bill Gates' condom challenge.

I really enjoyed reading through those cool ideas and having chat with the guys there. Looking forward to the next one. I guess it's gonna be about obesity.



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