Sunday, 3 March 2013

Drupal camp weekend

DrupalCampLondon just happened this weekend. One business day and 2 other normal/dev related days, many sessions, talks and sprints. I'm a bit exhausted so I'll keep the summary sort.I've picked up Kristof on the after-event at the bar on Friday. It's just weird that the place was dark, closed and very loud - again. Imagine the same without darkness and music - many Drupal guys shouting in one condensed group. Anyways, was really good to see Drupal folks. Being a London based event I've met with many guys living other parts of the UK.

On Saturday there were plenty of great sessions. The keynote was about the MySQL story from David Axmark. I liked how consciously they were thinking about the future of the project and all the privacy issues. Next presentation was professional development Stewart Robinson where he was emphasizing quality. Then David Rozas Domingo explained how we can use Patterns module to automate content/configuration deployment. Interesting enough, he is working with some guys from my university I also had the luck to meet. The following presentation was about Coffee Script by Rob Knight. I was a bit sad that Dart is really about to fade away in the tech world scene - but it was interesting. I wasn't really convinced that it's really prepared for a normal Drupal dev, but it seems cool so I would like to make some trials soon. Right after this there was Openlayers by Pol Dell'Aiera and Antje Lorch. They managed to convinced me to use Openlayers. Then Alex Burrows was talking about the different skill-sets in the Drupal community. Next presenter was Ed Crompton (current colleague of mine) who was talking about automated migration testing. Nice job, Ed ;) Finally for Saturday Kalle Varisvirta talked about his experience in Solr and multilingual search.

As you can see, it was a pretty eventful day. We've had lunch, pastries, coffee and a stress ball. The after event was places to the same pub - this time I had a lovely ale-time with some chips and cheese.

On Sunday Robert Douglass held the keynote talking about Drupal distributions. I really share his opinion about ready-to-use Drupal 'apps' and the ecosystem. Seeing the effort they've put in the idea I think the only chance for the appstore to come is if a relatively huge Drupal company takes a big step and make it. I doubt it's gonna be a smooth process. Fingers crossed.
First session was the Drupal8 configuration management by Alex Pott. It was super cool to see how it works and what it can do. The next presentation was a special one. Kristof Van Tomme was speaking about his idea: which could fundamentally change the way people use the internet. I'm really keen to follow how the Indiegogo raising campaign will succeed.
And finally Ronald Ashri was talking about how to structure Drupal modules. It was also a really great presentation.

Then after a small lunch I was trying to get involved in the code sprints. I've managed to find the D8-CMI team and pick up a small issue: It's pretty easy but as usual I've managed to lost in the details and the all the new tidbits of D8.


It was a great DrupalCamp. The organizers did a great job, I've met with amazing people and now looking for some sleep.



  1. Nice review, Peter!.
    It was a fantastic Drupalcamp, one of the biggest I have ever been to as well.
    I am happy to read you found the presentation about Patterns interesting ;-D

  2. Thank you very much David :) I hope there will be more and more contribs having the patterns badge.


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