Saturday, 24 January 2009

PHP development


In this post I'm gonna write, what environment I'm working in. I'm always hesitating about what os should be used:
- linux (debian, ubuntu, slackware)
- solaris
- windows (xp, vista)
Making easy the choice, I'm usually forced using windows xp. (It must be some 'LOL' in your head.) I tell why. At first, Adobe Flash/Photoshop runs only under WinXP (and OS-X, but unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy a Mac, and iDeneb ( doesn't support audio). Next, in my humble opinion, that on TFT display only the plain old monochrome font rendering the best method to display texts. I hate when I can see the red and green/blue offset near the fonts face. And to be honest, some unix distributions have some problems in this field. Even if you managed to setup monochrome fonts in the base system, qt3 and qt4 applications, there are several place where ugly fonts left (eg. in browser). I think if you are a web developer, it matters. Anyway, from my side the main reason the adobe products. I hate to reboot systems every hour. That's, why I use XP. But, as you read before in my blog, I use VirtualBox as well (with Ubuntu on it):)
To code I usually use Eclipse PDT (now version 2.0, hurray!) or GVim. This morning I found a very exciting tool which for debugging PHP:
It wasted half of the day to setup, but totally worth it. To raise your curiosity, I tell only a little about it (more on the page I linked):
With this Vim + remote XDebug you can follow the code running at runtime, line by line, function by function. You can see the function stack, breakpoints ... kicking awesome. (and a cool magic for those you want to enchant)
For tracking my code I get used to using GIT. I'm glad to know GIT. If you know too, you know what I mean, If not, just visit and discover it. Unfortunately msysGit got across my system (some memory dump, even I uninstalled CygWin completely), so I use Git on CygWin. It's convenient, and can run gitk with graphical interface. I had a small pain pushing my repo to github (because of ssh keys), but at the and it succeeded. If you are enough brave, visit my github repo at:
I decided to maintain this framework more frequent. Working with Drupal gives me a lot idea how a good framework has to be work. But of course, I don't want to steel:) [Think about it, for a minute! What is stealing? Especially in the development world. Not an easy topic. It needs bears to discuss. A lot!] Anyway its free as Drupal. So, nothing to worry about.
To finish my dev. environment, its important to tell some about the background:
- MySQL 5.06
- Apache 2.2
- PHP 5.2.7 (with APC, PDO, XDebug...)

Thats all folks, If I forgot something, I strive to recover that.

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