Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Books from Amazon

Today finally I've got my books:

Code Complete (2nd edition)
Programming Ruby (2nd edition)
Pro Drupal Development (2nd edition)

Now I see, each one is second edition. Nice. I'd read before this books in pdf, but both of them consist over 700 pages ... and my eyes burn down if I read it on the screen.
I started to work with Drupal a month ago. It's really interesting, and a little complex at first sight. This book is the best I've heard. But I found some mistake in the sample code in the book:
  • page 23: the 'variable_del(...' line is unnecessary, the page wasn't load with it for me.
  • page 151: need an extra line: in 'function joke_load($node) {
    return db_fetch_object(...
  • page 216: after '} else if ($delta == 1 && user_access('administer nodes')) {' need an array definition:
    $items = array();

I suggest you to download the original source code from, it has the correct code.
If anybody found some typo, please report me and I will put that in the post. Or if I wrong, tell that as well:)


P.s.: And one thing for beginners like me with Drupal! My first Drupal sandbox was in WinXP with normal php module collection + APC. (PHP 5.2.8, MySQL 5.06, Apache 2.2) But when I called the modules page in the admin section, it took 17 seconds. Very long time. But I guessed its normal, because when Drupal loads admin module page, it reconfigures all of them, and crawl some new one, if it finds. But last night (just for fun) I tried it in Ubuntu (in VM), page loaded in 1-2 seconds. I was amazed. Even I didn't install apc in the unix environment. So, just count with it.
Anyway, there is a very good article, how to get Drupal to run faster:

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