Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Firefox bookmark export

Hi Everyone,

Once happened this situation. I wanted to export my bookmarks from Firefox (3.0.5), but no one *.html files were created. Ok, I thought, JSON format is still appropriate, but an error message occured, and the exportation was failed.
I find this bug report about it:
So maybe Avast antivirus and PC-Tools Spyaware Doctor was guilty for that matter. But I didn't tend to close those applications, so, here is a tricky way to solve the problem:
Open Google Chrome -> Import Bookmarks and Settings -> Select Firefox and the bookmarks checkbox -> Import ... and now you are able to export the same from Google Chrome.

Sometimes I'm thinking about a site I should develop for saving personal bookmarks online. I can imagine some enchanted feature in it, for example, at first, it could load a speed dial page (like Opera). Or there would be a scored list. So, if you visit a page more times than others, it would be on a better place in the ordered list. I think its sounds logical, because some pages are used more frequent, so its likely to search these links more times.
On the other hand, its on the web. Pretend you need an important website you save before, but you saved it at home, and you are somewhere in the world (or at work). So annoying. Maybe, at default all the links could be private, but you can share any of them (like Google Reader feeds). But now, it is just an idea. And as always, probably there are several sites exists already in the internet ... please inform us if you know a good one:) Thanks!


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