Monday, 12 January 2009


Hi Everyone,

My name is Peter. Once before, I had made a blog, but I thought, It was not gonna worth it. Now, ... I give it a shot. My goal is to practicing my English. On the other hand, sometimes I found myself in a situation, where there would be great to own a blog, where I could take my ideas. Nowadays, I've felt bored myself. I bought some Unix book, and there are another three under shipping from Amazon. I hardly can wait that. Maybe I make a post about books I keep very useful in IT. Oh yes. I did not mentioned. I am some kind of an IT guy. Not the smart one, but the enthusiastic one. I don't know, what blog I really want. I would be happy to receive your responses. If you want, ask anything about programming or web development. I want help. My knowledge is various. I know PHP, (of course html, css), JavaScript (and some JS framework), a little Java. Flash with ActionScript 3. Some Ruby stuff. And a bunch of common things as every normal human.
My original homesite:
And my framework site:


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