Sunday, 21 April 2013

When inspiration is on holiday

If you watch Louie you may remember when he was preparing for the famous TV talk show. He had a call with Jay Leno about what he could expect as a host. There he said - nobody is funny 365 days a year. Same with writing. Some day I wish I would just blackout - and I would regret later, for sure.

Here is the reason. Sometimes I have nothing to say. I probably should tag it as #not-useful-do-not-read. I have little things only, some words about this and that. Finally I got this Sunday to read through my article list and it was great. The way it works - at least for me - is that you're parsing all the information slowly. That's what I particularly like in learning. You don't have to understand everything immediately. Knowledge has to find its place in your brain. Like the piece in your Star Wars Lego that you have no idea where it belongs to. You don't through it away just because it doesn't fit.

I feel sometimes I use unconscious knowledge too much it becomes a sense, rather than a skill, if you know what I mean. It occurred too many times that I had the right answer, but had no idea why. So obviously you keep it in secret and won't write a blogpost about it.

On iTunes U I've found this very interesting series called: Leading Wisely. In one presentation Clay Shirky speaks about amateur blog writing culture. You can watch the video here. It really made me think of the value this blog is providing. (Btw this guy is brilliant.) You know, just ask the question that you're afraid of the most. Would you read your own blog as somebody else? And yes, I would. I might not read all. The same way I don't read BBC all the time. But I remember how many times a little blog saved my life even with a one liner help.

So yeah, days can be up and down, we just carry on.



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