Monday, 29 April 2013

First steps in Vice city

As a first day I had a very short time to spend with the music project. We had the Drupal beer and chat night where I had a nice time. But still managed to do a little preparation.

First I needed some books. I had some, but mostly I've left them in my old home town, and there was one I used as a case for my Kindle. Yeah, actually now I regret doing it.

I've found this C64 programming books site where you can find quite some BASIC books to refresh you're memories. I've downloaded some and put it on the iPad. It's mostly real photocopies of the original books. I already like how old school it is.

Then I downloaded the SID music player - just to create the aura. It automatically downloads for you the HBSC collection. I only need a mustache and long hair now to be really old.

The next step is getting the emulator, wich is obviously the Vice emulator. I was reading some blogs and seemed people had more problems with the other ones. Apart from that it contains the Plus4, Vic, C128, Pet and other great machine emulators.

I needed to know then how can I save and load. It's pretty simple. You can make an exact snapshot about the memory - or you can attach (virtual) disks to the ports and save there. I just have to figure out how can I print the source code nicely to txt files here in the future.

I also started reading the Advanced BASIC Programming for the Commodore 64 book, which gave me some nice moments. It tells us that we should not use spaces (almost ever) as takes to much memory. And it suggest us to write the more we can in one line, because line numbers are finite. I think it's gonna be fun.



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