Sunday, 28 April 2013

New challenge: Commodore 64 music

I'm quite deep recently. I have so much influence and yet hardly any interesting topic to come up. When you read great articles and learn from them it's hard to be creative. I'm not gonna repeat what I've read, and don't have any interesting to present at the moment. Well, I rather make things, instead of spending my time with writing. I think I'm about to hit my journalist deep point.

However some exciting challenge can always help. I was thinking to do some C thing or assembly, but in the shower I've found it. This week I would like to make a simple sound track on Commodore 64. I have absolutely no idea how is that working, but I have the Internet and that's all I need. I hope I can take daily reports about the progress.

And that's it. I'll be more productive tomorrow.




  1. Things I can't appreciate... Maybe that's because I was born in the x86 era (in the 90's)... :)

  2. Thank you Adam for the very comprehensive analysis :D No worries. I keep all my C64 updates a secret from you ;)


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