Saturday, 9 February 2013

Four stages or relaxation

Sometimes you need to relax, it's inevitable. I realized sometimes having a break even if it's not really necessary have benefits. At least you have the guilty feeling being lazy. I guess I pretty much standardized all the different kind of tiredness and necessary cures. Tonight it's about the 4 steps or relaxation.

#4 At the highest level you deal with your attention span. You may already have heard about the pomodoro technique which can help you to focus and then take a little break in order to keep your focus for a next session. At this stage a minimal investment can help. Checking Facebook, Reddit, some photo blogs or comics. Or just pick up a quick refreshing fight in the office.

#3 On the next stage you need to turn your brain off. When I'm really tired I almost feel that serious thinking can damage my health. Well, somewhat true, it is. Making decisions costs energy. And what is better for not thinking than watching cartoons. I tend to choose the most primitive ones with no real life lessons. I surely can suggest Tom & Jerry, Adventure Time, Korgoth of Barbaria or many many animes (on Animefreak).

#2 Usually when none of the short term tricks are working I call the nature and go outside. It really helps to take a huge walk, smell some fresh air and really calm myself that there is a living environment apart from the IDE and terminal. If you have a river that's a big up. Rivers and waves have an interesting superpower to turn you off and reset partially.

#1 Sometimes however you need a full reset. As surprising as it is on the top the winner is having a bath. Not just a simple bath. Super warm, super long, super luxurious. It's not just shorter than a vacation but much cheaper as well - depending on the yellow ducks you need. Actually I'm just thinking how awesome it would be to have a bath-room with full of baths at the office. Hm...

The other way to make your effective time better are the techniques you can apply during work. Changing positions is pretty great - of you can do. Sitting on a chair or beanbag, standding or kneeing. Listening to music, having some fresh air or a nice tea. Or as my friend did - give yourself a candy after a small successful milestone. Sometimes it's also enough just changing the style of your often used applications.


If you have some good relaxation practices, please let us know.


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