Sunday, 17 February 2013

Contribution evening is coming

This week we organize a contribution evening where we help people to be active in the community. It's a really great opportunity to get to know the environment and all the possibilites that open source contribution offers.
Also I'm really interested in the motivation behind contribution. How can you find your joy in the hard work where you're not payed directly. Don't get me wrong. It's not the best wording, you better not to work for the money first. But if you can chose your activity and the difference is only the payment then you probably do what brings you some cash. I have assumptions, of course. If I think of myself I like contribution because that makes me a better social citizen. I'm not particularly interested in any small part of an open source project. But that's just because I'm not involved in any at the moment.

So being a nice social citizen can be a reason. Then probably there are people who use it to learn. For me it's always fascinating to be part of a large system and see how it's working. And then I can feel myself useful definitely. Contribution however is a bit different. You have the chance to lurk around and see the whole picture. And that's a magical part of open source, the transparency and accessibility makes it more dynamic and able to adopt really fast.

On the evening we'll introduce all the necessary things you need to start. has an amazing collection of tips and tricks. And if you're following Twitter it's also the people in Drupal being really passionate and positive about contribution.

It's really important to emphasize how beneficial every single patch, documentation, support, test or anything. When I went through the list of ways you can contribute I was amazed. I could clearly spend my entire day with picking up issues or extending handbook pages.

I guess there is one role certainly it would be the most useful role ever in contribution history - somebody who could create action steps. I'm aware if that open source is large part planning, because people shape the development of it. But still for me sometimes it's frustrating to spend ages to figure out if a ticket needs to be fixed at all, or is it a duplication or something.

So yeah. Excited to help and make Drupal better.


(Un)fortunately it's full, but next time if you have time please come in and contribute.


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