Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SASS presentation on SzegedTech

I had the luck to present on SzegedTech again, this time about SASS and Compass. Tonight I only would like to summarize the impact of these CSS compilers on the development.

Before all of that here you are the presentation:

In general I'm a big fan of structure and hierarchy. CSS is not really good at that. Implementing everything locally is a hassle. You either break your logic or hardcode, replicate snippets.
Also redundancy is a big issue. You have to reuse selectors many times. Even when you want to apply slight changes on a new item.
That all is a nicety issue. You more than that. CSS cannot handle logic, variables and dynamic functions. So how SASS and the alike systems help here?

CSS compilers can add a new logical layer above the final stylesheet. You can create reusable style bundles, dynamic styles, computed styles, conditional styles ... see? But anyways, check the presentation, visit the links at the end and fire up a text editor and try it out yourself.


And a tip, don't forget to use Sublime and Emmet.IO extension.


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