Saturday, 26 January 2013

Podcast mania

I'm an avid podcast listener. When I started my career I worked from home. Having no humanoids around the house I started listening to the radio. It was some random US news channel. I never got why they use that typical abbreviations all the time. It was quite nice that you could learn language and catch up with news while writing SQL queries.

Then Kristof introduced me to some podcasts. I was on Linux (every week a different distro) that time and I was happy when my X didn't crash so couldn't even dream of a nice podcast listening experience. But anyways the web player was fine and I consumed them some times. Then I went to OS-X and iTunes and it changed the way I look at podcasts. Hello, I'm Peter and I'm a podcast addict.

I listen to podcast all the time. I don't have any music on the phone or tablet but podcasts. On iTunes there are loads of subscriptions. Let me give you a fine selections you may like.


Quick and Dirty Tips is a large service with many tiny podcast series. I'm listening to their financial tips and health suggestions. Also they have a grammar nazi podcast which I enjoy a lot. In Hungary we had a similar programme I used to watch as a kid.


Drupal has tons of podcasts. We used to listen to the Lullabot podcast during the work at the early days. I learned a lot from watching the MustardSeed media podcast. Apart from them one of the must have channel is Drupal Easy - they managed to mix fun with Drupal. And Acquia has a pretty nice feed too. This much Drupal is quite enough to fit to my schedule, for perverts iTunes can offer much more.


First here I'd like to express my deepest grace to ITConversations. They just closed their broadcast couple of months ago. This was my all time favorite. Their brilliant episodes were simply stunning.
My next favorite is the Twit network. I tried many of their podcasts, nowadays trimmed it down to security-now.
If I'm still here in full grace I need to mention Revision3 and Diggnation. Diggnation was one of a kind. I'm afraid we just have to move forward and never look back. Thanks Kevin and Alex.
Other's worth mentioning the Software Engineering Radio, the brilliant StackExchange podcast and This Developer's Life. For PMs I really suggest listening to the DevOps Cafe and This Agile Life.
Not sure if it's really technology, but the Singularity 1 on 1 is an exceptionally good one.


Even if I'm a cold blooded developer I love general discussions. This American Life, Radiolab on WNYC or Ricky Gervais are the essentials for me. Also lately got into NPR.


And finally the world of stories. Depending if you like general, horror or sex you can listen to PodCastle, PseudoPod or EscapePod.


I didn't listed all my subs on purpose. It's just too many. What's your selection?


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