Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hungarian Drupal Podcast - Episode 2

Hi Readers,

Let me announce our new episode of the Hungarian Drupal Podcast. Topics:
  • Drupal meetings
  • Open Atrium
  • Search + Solr
As out listeners suggested, we made a topic list (above). This way you know what you can expect to. We set the lights a bit better, sat closer to the camera and tried to speak louder than in the first part. The first episode is watched by more than 170 people. I think it's a good start.
Here you are the video:

Pronovix podcast, episode 2 from Peter Arato on Vimeo.

Next time we will speak about how to build an efficient development environment. I think this is kinda topic can fill not just one full podcast. We'll see.
If you have any question, claim, or advice, please leave me a comment. Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

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