Sunday, 8 November 2009

Building a Druplash site - full Flash version

Hi Readers,

I've already spoke enough about Druplash, now let's see how to build quickly (~2 hours from scratch) one. Here is a short demo about the stuff have:

There is several ways to leverage Flash-Drupal, and one is when using a full-sized Flash object on the site.
The features we insist everytime:
Good news: for an initial release, we don't need to write any custom Drupal module. Some modules we have to download:
For the demo we need also:
Enable: Services, Services - Key Authentication, AMFPHP, Views Service, Node Service, System Service, Views, Views UI.
The downloaded Flash application assume you have a Views list of nodes with the name of: news. It also assumes you have a node with NID=1. (So you should create these two

Warning: because of the rush, the site url is hardcoded in the Flash movie. You can recompile the Flex project with the correct path pointing to your site's amfphp gateway, or you put the site under drupal_sx_druplash_full folder (and the site should be there: http://localhost/drupal_sx_druplash_full/).
Update: the compiled SWF is updated in the tar.gz file. Now it should work out of the box on every URL.

The source of the Flex application: (updated)
If we installed successfully a base Drupal 6 site and enabled these modules, let's copy the Flash object (DruplashFull.swf) into: sites/default/files/DruplashFull.swf
Visit the SWFAddress settings page at: /admin/settings/swfaddress
The following image shows my settings:

Now you should see the replaced content if you visit the front page:

I think that's it. You have to give permission to non-admin users if you want to the same content with Flash them. This is just a very quick and dirty demo, but in the Flex source code you can check what basic features you can start.

I worked with the latest module version, but some of them (ex: Services) are under heavy development. Just be aware, user experience may be vary:) If you need any other info, let me know, I'd glad to help you.

Flex source:
Live demo:

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  1. Hello,
    I have seen you at DrupalCamp CZ.
    I have also developed a module for Flex linking and Search Engine parsing. I think there can use some more Javascript that should pop some content from the Drupal site. , and see it working here: .

    I was wondering if we could merge this too into a well working Flex component for Drupal.

  2. great, thank you so much I will use this video as a reference

  3. Hi, I like try a work in a Druplash site, but i dont have more dicumentation, you can send me more, o insicate to me where found that?



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