Saturday, 21 February 2009

Drupal Timetracker Screencast

Hi All,

This week I made my first screencast. It's about my new Drupal module called Timetracker. I have never ever thought how hard to make a video introduction. As my colleagues said, I speak in Hunglish, some kind of mixing with English and Hungarian. I sware I'm working on to imporve it. But you know. I'm not a rocket scientist. Anyway. That video took me 2 days and a lot of struggling. The module the video about is a tool for tracking your personal activities in the Drupal sphere. You can find several similar pages on the net, like Actually it's a pretty useful application.
My module is still under developing, although it's working fine. But it has some performance and usability issue I want to make better. I sent my application for a CVS account to, I hope they'll answer me soon.
So, here is the brief introduction about Timetracker:

I used Camtasia Studio to record that stuff and to be honest, I amazed how cool is this tool. Unfortunately the free version is time limited but I suggest everybody to try it if thinking about screencasting.


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